Time to get a new editor (or Spencer being a grammar nerd)

July 12, 2007

Posted by Spencer:

This is a very interesting article in the New York Times talking about the state of video game consoles and how Nintendo is pretty much cleaning up with the competition. What caught me as interesting in the article was the following:

“While both Nintendo’s $250 Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 were introduced last November, Nintendo has sold 2.8 million machines, twice as many as Sony.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, introduced 18 months ago, has sold 5.4 units, according to NPD Group, a market analysis firm.”

If this is to be believed there have only been five and just less than a half Xbox 360’s sold in the last year and a half.

I suppose it is supposed to be assumed that the number of units is in millions. I think that is bad editing on the part of the Times.


June 25, 2007

Posted by Kon

June 23 , 2007 1100 hours.

“Those Mexicans are crazy man, they bull rushed the castle twice today” I over hear a Russian say. “We need to lock down that place; call the General.” another responds.

I pop up from behind the birm from which I was hiding. A mere six feet separate myself and four vodka-swigging grunts. One a portly fat man, another a beanstalk of a person; two more are just kids.

“SURRENDER! I yell at the top of my lungs. The four soldiers ahead of me stare in shock and panic, and the shorter one drops to his knees and turns. I double-tap the trigger, and put two in his face. He collapses in a heap on the road. The pair of kids drop to their knees as a statico of automatic fire pours in from down the road. A dozen Mexican troops are hustling towards me. The beanstalk Russian ducks his head and dives down on the road, avoiding the fire.

“OUT OUT OUT OUT!” He screams. The ref appears almost magically from behind a stack of barrels.

“MEN OUT, LET ‘EM OUT” the ref belts for all to hear. As fast as he arrived, the ref seems to vanish back into another realm.

“Good work, wetback” the chunk of Russian says, “You won’t be so lucky next time we meet.” He leaves with a smirk, one I am sure I will see again.

The Mexican forces reach my position. “Luck we were got here, you would have been toast!”

“Yeah, I suppose.” I reply half-assed, knowing I had the situation under control. “Time to get to Sin City, Canada is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and the Blues are pushing hard down the right flank. It’s going to be overrun, but we might as well get who we can.”

The sound of automatic fire continues in the distance, and the audible ring of a special sniper rifle can be heard in the brush not far from were we stand.

“Let’s go.” I tell those following me, and we head off into the woods, moving along the rapidly collapsing right flank of the Mexican Army.

Just One of my many ‘awesome-o’ moments of last weekend’s paintball event at Hell Survivor’s Paintball Field in Hell, Michigan. Global Conquest came to an end with some fun and interesting results, some of which I will attempt to chronicle on here.

Swords vs Guns

May 17, 2007

Posted by Spencer:

This is a generally uninteresting article from a local paper where I live – the reason I bring it up is because of this quote from one of the politicians:

“A person that’s got skill with a sword in a very big crowd could put a lot more people down with a sword than a gun,” he said. “They’re silent. You’ll have people screaming, but nobody knows what’s going on.”

Essentially the article is about how Utah is one of the only states to allow guns on public college campuses and one of the politicians from a city north of Salt Lake City gave the above quote relating to the recent shooting at Trolley Corners mall in Salt Lake.

I would most certainly be more scared of a guy wielding a gun than some geek with a sword. With a sword you see the guy coming and you run away – with a gun if you run you get shot in the back.

Seriously, what is this guy thinking? He is right up there with the guys who think video games are the cause of all the violence we are having (Jack Thompson I am looking at you.)

Forza Motorsports 2: Initial Demo Impressions

May 11, 2007

Posted by Martin:

rx7_vette_tsukuba01.jpgI love racing. Whether it’s automobile or motorcycle, if it takes turns, I’m usually fascinated by it. I don’t know what it is, but watching a skilled driver or rider take their machine around a circuit, or watching someone outbrake his competitor into a turn in a brilliant passing maneuver, the ballet on asphalt that is competitive automotive sports has always had an allure for me that I cannot explain. As such, it’s only natural that I have an interest in racing games. In fact, Gran Turismo 3 is pretty much the only reason I bought my first console ever, the PS2. There’s been very few games I haven’t played, whether it’s SEGA Rally or GTR. As such, with my latest console, the XBox 360, I’ve been looking forward to the only “Racing Sim” that’s on the horizon for it with the recent news that GTR2 has been canned. With the demo released yesterday, I had no choice but to download and play for a few hours. So what’d I think?

In short, the real question is will I be buying the full game? The answer is a resounding yes. It was quite a bit of fun. However, that’s usually never enough, so I will expound a bit on my opinions and suggestions.

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Tom Clancy’s End War update

May 10, 2007

Posted by Chris:

1Up is reporting some newly released details about a game I’m really interested to learn more about, Tom Clancy’s End War. From their information, it’s going to be an up-close and personal RTS game. designed strictly for the 360 and PS3. After looking at the images, I’m thinking this might be like a large-scale combined-arms version of Full Spectrum Warrior. Either way, I have high hopes and high expectations for this one. Read the article HERE.

Martin writes:

I’m going to remain somewhat leery of this one. I’ve played a few Real Time Strategy games what have allowed you to get into the role of one of the soldiers, and it’s just never felt complete (Remember that C&C Shooter?). Because the tactical goals of a RTS (large scale tactics using expendable units) and the tactical goals of the individual soldier (you are the expendable unit and you have to survive) are so different, merging the two seems to me a recipe for disaster. I suppose it all depends on how large in scope the game will be… Commanding a couple infantry squads and an armored detachment probably wouldn’t be too hard. Commanding multiple squads, artillery, air support, armored divisions and everything else, and then still being expected to be able to get onto the battlefield and micromanage units? That’s somewhat rough, and what I’m hoping the game won’t be. However, I have yet to play a Tom Clancy game I didn’t enjoy, so I’m going to remain optimistic that they can pull this one off, but guardedly so.

Crotch Kick of the Week

May 9, 2007

Posted by Martin:

I don’t take a whole lot of pleasure in this one, simply because the recipient is more pathetic than worthy of wrath. I suppose if we really wanted, we could find some reasons to take joy in kicking you in the balls, David Hasselhoff. There’s your unending presence in the minds of the German people. There’s the fact that you got paid to watch breast bounce on Baywatch. Or your singing. Or even this monstrosity. But at this point, the only thing defining you is the unfortunate video of you drunk in front of your children. To say it would be because you were drunk would be lying through our teeth (We love beer), but the mere fact that you should yourself in that condition to your children is deplorable. And so, Mr. Hoff, in addition to all the other fallout from this videotape that has and will come down, add a crotch kick from 50cal to that list.


MotoGP: Numbers? Sometimes You Just Gotta Race ’em Anyways.

May 8, 2007

Posted by Martin:

Coming into Shanghai, the main concern for the race was the fact that the Ducatis were up 20 horsepower on the competition. 553241_80602.jpg Normally, this doesn’t mean a whole lot in the world of two wheels when compared to four wheeled racing, as a smooth and consistent power delivery is much more important to successful corner speeds than raw power. However, the Shanghai track has two of the longest straightaways in the MotoGP Circuit. And what does that benefit? Horsepower. The critics were calling for the Italian bike to sweep up all the podium spaces it could grab. After all, with those kilometer long straightaways, who could keep up?

So what happened? A race is what happened. And, more importantly, something that did’t quite fit the expectations a lot of people. Read the rest of this entry »