Tom Clancy’s End War update

Posted by Chris:

1Up is reporting some newly released details about a game I’m really interested to learn more about, Tom Clancy’s End War. From their information, it’s going to be an up-close and personal RTS game. designed strictly for the 360 and PS3. After looking at the images, I’m thinking this might be like a large-scale combined-arms version of Full Spectrum Warrior. Either way, I have high hopes and high expectations for this one. Read the article HERE.

Martin writes:

I’m going to remain somewhat leery of this one. I’ve played a few Real Time Strategy games what have allowed you to get into the role of one of the soldiers, and it’s just never felt complete (Remember that C&C Shooter?). Because the tactical goals of a RTS (large scale tactics using expendable units) and the tactical goals of the individual soldier (you are the expendable unit and you have to survive) are so different, merging the two seems to me a recipe for disaster. I suppose it all depends on how large in scope the game will be… Commanding a couple infantry squads and an armored detachment probably wouldn’t be too hard. Commanding multiple squads, artillery, air support, armored divisions and everything else, and then still being expected to be able to get onto the battlefield and micromanage units? That’s somewhat rough, and what I’m hoping the game won’t be. However, I have yet to play a Tom Clancy game I didn’t enjoy, so I’m going to remain optimistic that they can pull this one off, but guardedly so.


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