Crotch Kick of the Week

Posted by Martin:

I don’t take a whole lot of pleasure in this one, simply because the recipient is more pathetic than worthy of wrath. I suppose if we really wanted, we could find some reasons to take joy in kicking you in the balls, David Hasselhoff. There’s your unending presence in the minds of the German people. There’s the fact that you got paid to watch breast bounce on Baywatch. Or your singing. Or even this monstrosity. But at this point, the only thing defining you is the unfortunate video of you drunk in front of your children. To say it would be because you were drunk would be lying through our teeth (We love beer), but the mere fact that you should yourself in that condition to your children is deplorable. And so, Mr. Hoff, in addition to all the other fallout from this videotape that has and will come down, add a crotch kick from 50cal to that list.



One Response to Crotch Kick of the Week

  1. maddohattaa says:

    Heh, made me laugh! 😀

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