Abuse of Motorcycle

May 4, 2007

As a responsible motorcyclist who puts around 30K on my bike yearly (and year-round), nothing frustrates me more than those who give nothing to the passion but a bad name. While there are some responsible stunters on sportbikes, the vast majority (at least in my experience) seem to be overconfident hotheads which absolutely no regard for theirs, or anybody else’s safety. While pulling a wheelie down the Interstate wearing nothing but a tank top and flip flops may seem like a good way to express your rugged individualism, you’re putting the other people on the road in danger, as well as inconveniencing the paramedics who have to come squeegee you off the pavement. Furthermore, this kind of behavior only encourages those who wish to view motorcycles in a negative light, making my life more difficult. While I am hesitant to take pleasure in someone else’s pain, I can honestly say this guy deserved what happened to him:


(Image grabbity-yoinked from http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/Stoppie.jpg, who probably did the same from someone else.  If someone knows the original source, post a comment and I’ll edit appropriately.)


Beer of the Week

May 4, 2007

Posted by Martin:hennepin.jpg

This week I’ll be reviewing a beer that holds kind of a special place in my heart. In everybody’s personal development, no matter the skill, there’s always a moment where you graduate from your infancy and realize there’s a great big world out there for you to explore. For my life of beer, this was a major player – one of the first beers my college roomate and I tried that showed us that there was something out there that couldn’t be described by the words “macrobrewed liquid with the consistency of water that tasted oddly like stale urine.”

Hennepin, crafted by Brewery Ommegang, is a spiritual successor to the products of many Trappist Belgian Breweries. Known as a “Saison,” it is intended to be a lighter, crisper beer, while still maintaining a sense of aggressiveness through some spices and a bit of hops on the palatte. And the thing that makes it even better? The price. While true, imported, Belgians can cost upwards of $10 for the bottle, Hennepin comes in at half that for a corked 750ml bottle. Now, while you probably won’t be able to find it in a convenience store, it is available through most beer distributors. There is absolutely no excuse not to try this beer.

So how does it taste? Good. Damned Good. Read the rest of this entry »

Full Spectrum Warrior

May 4, 2007

Posted by Chris

The big story in gaming for me this week is my discovery that Microsoft has added Full Spectrum Warrior to it’s Xbox 360 backward compatibility list.  For 360 owners and fans of tactical gaming, this is really great news. 

Before you read any further, I need to point out that this game is currently selling used for $4.99 at Gamestop and EB Games.  The minute you finish reading this, go out and buy it.

Full Sectrum Warrior, along with Full Spectrum Commander (never released to the public), were developed as training aids for the U.S. Military.  FSW is a 3rd-person tactical strategy game that marries the look and feel of a traditional tactical shooter with the control and unit management of a real-time-strategy game.  There are no direct actions taken by the player – instead, the two fireteams under your command are given orders, and it is up to the AI of the fireteams to execute those orders.  It is the player’s task to lead his fireteams through an urban conflict in the fictional middle-eastern country of Zekistan.  Read the rest of this entry »

Crotch Kick of the Week #1

May 2, 2007

Posted by Chris, visuals by Martin

And the winner is… Michael Vick! Congratulations Michael! It wasn’t enough that you ran around infecting women with herpes as “Ron Mexico”. It wasn’t enough that you gave the finger to your fans – or even that you had your secret little pot stash in your water bottle while going through airport security. You went that extra mile. You had dog fighting matches in your house – complete with blood soaked carpets and furniture! Yes, you are one class act, Michael, and for that, we kick you, square in the testes. Wait… can you get herpes on your foot? We might need to rethink this one, just this once…


Now, in our discussions about this week’s CKotW, we went over the following:

Kon opines: Anyone else thinking Sony deserves it for that ridiculous stunt that pulled with the goat? The last thing Jack Thompson needs is to learn that the INDUSTRY itself is promoting super-violence or whatever he calls that garbage.

Martin writes: I think Sony gets a pass because that kind of stuff seems to be normal in Japan. Fits right in with the schoolgirl panty dispensers and the game where the objective is to stick your fingers into someone else’s unsuspecting asshole. Editor’s note – see “Kancho“, and don’t ask the editor how he knows this

Spencer writes: Besides, where is Sony’s crotch?

The God Of Keyboards: Optimus Maximus

May 1, 2007

Kon Writes:

After some OLED display supply issues and a few setbacks, it looks like Lebedev and company have finally settled on a launch date and price for the king of keyboard, the Optimus Maximus. Hold your breath, it’ll be due late November (the 30th, to be specific) for $1536 US (“Shakespeare’s birthday”). Bad news, we know, but the worst news is still to come: only 200 keyboards per month for November and December, and 400 keyboards are scheduled to be made next January. (On second thought, at over $1500 apiece, maybe that’s not so few keyboards.) Ok, exhale, it’s going to be alright.

$1500 is more than what my computer cost. I couldn’t possibly imagine even attempting to afford this thing, even though it is quite possibly the coolest freaking keyboard on the planet. I suppose if i sell my kidney’s, and I don’t need my first born child…yeah, still can’t afford it.

But it is just so damn cool!

Martin ponders:

I’m very curious to see how quickly the OLED technology will pick up. The things that are possible with it are quite amazing… We’ll finally get to see the Star Trek type transparent control and display interfaces, and even pants that will be able to show our mood.

I am looking forward to the age of futurepants.

 Kon rebuts: You know, our pants already label our mood. Horny? That buldge means you are…and maybe that is the only mood your pants show.

What about future underwear, which describes the condition, allowing for multiple days of wear! Exciting technology we have here.

Boy George IS Darth Vader

May 1, 2007

Our buddy Scott over at Extralife posted this today, and it was too good for me to not pass on.  Check it out HERE.

All-Pro Football 2K8 Update

April 30, 2007

Posted by Chris:

I’m a few days late on this, but Visual Concepts has launched the official All-Pro Football 2K8 website.  You can see a listing of some of the players you’ll be able to use by mousing over the header image there.   I couldn’t help but notice that O.J. Simpson is listed.  I find that intersting, to say the least.  I mean, sure, he’s one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, but you know… he did murder his wife and all… 

If you have read the Game Informer article, there’s not alot new here, but I’m sure the site wil be updated with information over the next few weeks.  Find the website HERE.