Tom Clancy’s End War Announced

Posted by Chris:

We’re pretty rabid about tactical gaming here at 50cal (Martin and I actually used to develop for one, in fact), so it’s with great pleasure that we point you to Kotaku’s announcement of Ubisoft’s upcoming release: Tom Clancy’s End War.  Details on exactly how this game will be played haven’t been made public yet, but if the current generation of Clancy games are any indication, it’s going to be a winner.  Here’s what Ubi says:

“Our development teams are invigorated to be creating the first 100 percent next-generation Tom Clancy brand,” said Serge Hascoët, chief creative officer at Ubisoft. “Our success with Tom Clancy franchises is unparalleled in the next-generation and Tom Clancy’s EndWar will be a marvelous addition to the already critically acclaimed library of games. A strategy game like no other, EndWar will allow gamers to lead their own armies against hundreds of others online in real global locations on the massive battlefields of World War III.”

I have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing it’s going to be some sort massive mix of their current shooters, but with a more strategic focus.  Maybe something along the lines of Full Spectrum Warrior on a much larger scale.  Here’s Kotaku’s article.


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