Summer 2007 Movie Preview

April 26, 2007

Posted by Spencer:

I am going to look at some of the big, small and in between movies being released this summer. On to the movies!

Spider-Man 3
What can I say? Big budget, big stars, this movie has the makings of a summer blockbuster. I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing Venom in all his glory on the big screen. Will three enemies and two love interests be too much for Spider Man to handle? Comic geeks are certainly going to have a good time, but will the movie have any staying power past opening weekend? I have high hopes that Spider-Man 3 will live up to the hype just as the first two in the series have done.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
I was a latecomer when it came to the second installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, I didn’t see it until it was out on DVD. One of the reasons I waited was so many people gave it lukewarm reviews and I have such a fondness for The Curse of the Black Pearl. How could a movie wrapped up so nicely have a sequel? One person I asked about it said: “I don’t know if I like it, it is going to depend on how the third movie is.” The second Pirates posed many more questions than it answered, hopefully the end of the trilogy will be able to answer those questions. My biggest fear with this film is it relying too much on the slapstick, campy comedy that detracted from the second film (I am looking at you hamster wheel sword-fight!) I hope there is a gritty, dark feel a title like At World’s End lends itself to.

Ah, Pixar, in my mind you can do no wrong. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, need I go on? Even 2006’s Cars which is absolutely not something I am interested in I have watched over and over. I am going to be going into this movie knowing nothing about it except for watching the teaser trailer from last year and I expect I am going to love every minute of it.

Rush Hour 3
I didn’t even know this was being made? Is this really necessary? Jackie Chan is talented in many, many ways but I for one think he could better fill his wallet doing new stuff rather than sequel after sequel.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Perhaps this would have been a worthwhile film ten years ago. The original Bean movie didn’t do all that well, I expect this will be a flop.

Did we learn nothing from the Garfield movie(s)? Take a thirty plus year old cartoon and make it into a live action movie? As I remember it, didn’t the dog have to pop pills to become strong and fly? Think of the children! This is going to be terrible.