Time to get a new editor (or Spencer being a grammar nerd)

July 12, 2007

Posted by Spencer:

This is a very interesting article in the New York Times talking about the state of video game consoles and how Nintendo is pretty much cleaning up with the competition. What caught me as interesting in the article was the following:

“While both Nintendo’s $250 Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 were introduced last November, Nintendo has sold 2.8 million machines, twice as many as Sony.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, introduced 18 months ago, has sold 5.4 units, according to NPD Group, a market analysis firm.”

If this is to be believed there have only been five and just less than a half Xbox 360’s sold in the last year and a half.

I suppose it is supposed to be assumed that the number of units is in millions. I think that is bad editing on the part of the Times.


The God Of Keyboards: Optimus Maximus

May 1, 2007

Kon Writes:

After some OLED display supply issues and a few setbacks, it looks like Lebedev and company have finally settled on a launch date and price for the king of keyboard, the Optimus Maximus. Hold your breath, it’ll be due late November (the 30th, to be specific) for $1536 US (“Shakespeare’s birthday”). Bad news, we know, but the worst news is still to come: only 200 keyboards per month for November and December, and 400 keyboards are scheduled to be made next January. (On second thought, at over $1500 apiece, maybe that’s not so few keyboards.) Ok, exhale, it’s going to be alright.

$1500 is more than what my computer cost. I couldn’t possibly imagine even attempting to afford this thing, even though it is quite possibly the coolest freaking keyboard on the planet. I suppose if i sell my kidney’s, and I don’t need my first born child…yeah, still can’t afford it.

But it is just so damn cool!

Martin ponders:

I’m very curious to see how quickly the OLED technology will pick up. The things that are possible with it are quite amazing… We’ll finally get to see the Star Trek type transparent control and display interfaces, and even pants that will be able to show our mood.

I am looking forward to the age of futurepants.

 Kon rebuts: You know, our pants already label our mood. Horny? That buldge means you are…and maybe that is the only mood your pants show.

What about future underwear, which describes the condition, allowing for multiple days of wear! Exciting technology we have here.