All-Pro Football 2K8

April 20, 2007

Posted by Chris:

Are you like me? Do you hate EA for grabbing exclusive licenses for the NFL and NCAA? Well, Digital Illusions, the folks who brought us what I consider to be the best football game since Tecmo Bowl – the NFL 2Kx series – are back in action on the new generation of consoles. Sure, there’s no NFL license, but for the real football fans, that was only the icing if the game was good enough. All-Pro 2K8 is due out on the same day as Madden, and for me, this one’s a no brainer. See the latest Game Informer for more details, or check Gamespot’s preview HERE.

Kon Transcribes: EA deserves every newton (read: measurement of force) of that kick to the crotch. Sack’s of giant dookie they are for taking what really belongs to everyone, the NFL namesake. For as little sports games, like baseball and football, that I play, I really can’t stand to see such a prominent member of the industry do such a vile thing…and with such little flak from anyone! When I heard of this a while back, I was appualed, but none of my usual news sources even had a blip on their radars about it. Maybe it is just me though. Anyway, I digress. Lets hope All-Pro 2K8 kicks the ever-living shnitzel out of EA’s Madden NFL. I want EA to know, loud and clear, that we wont stand for such crap.

I digress a lot.


Co-op Gaming. Why has it taken so long to catch on?

April 13, 2007

Posted by Martin

When it comes to multiplayer gaming, I will say without a doubt that co-op gameplay is by far my favorite method of online play. Starting back in the day with Marathon, and continuing to play video games throughout my life, nothing will match the feeling of working together with someone to overcome a problem, be it funky looking aliens from outer space or Mexican Insurgents bent on giving Presidents Ballantine and Ruiz Pena a hard time. It just feels so much more complete and satisfying. I even have fond memories of crowding around the television and playing games like Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance with my brother, having a lot more fun than I ever would have doing the same thing by myself. It’s the same content, the same game, but just comes alive when you’ve got someone else to yell and scream at the screen with.

It’s hard to say what Co-op has that adversarial doesn’t. A lot of it for me is that it’s playable with much fewer numbers than what one requires for a large scale ‘versus’ game. Additionally, adversarial games degenerate into predictable engagements once both sides are familiar with the environments. But, even past that, the fact that the game is bring you together with your fellow players is an effect that cannot be denied.

However, up until recently, there hasn’t been a focus on this at all. One had to search specifically for this mode of gameplay. This may have been one of the reasons I personally have gravitated quite a bit towards the tactical shooter. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear with the NATO weapons mod has occupied far more of my time than any game should have. Beyond that, it was a thin selection for games that encouraged players to work together, and not against each other. The ones that tried, did it poorly (playing Madden football cooperatively was a new experience in how badly a game can suck).

However, modern games have started to embrace co-op as a primary staple of gameplay. Heck, even whole games are coming out around this concept (XBOX360:Army of Two). Everything from Sci-Fi to realism based shooters has co-op as an integral part of the multiplayer. And I say this hasn’t come soon enough. The real question is, is this a minor fluke, or a portend of things to come? Hopefully it’s the latter.

Chris says: I say it’s a portend, because I dont’ know what that means.

I’m realtively new to co-op gaming, but I can say that it’s definitely deserving of the attention it’s getting these days. While I still love adversarial (and nothing beats adversarial if you know everyone playing), it’s rare that you get the right players to make it great. Co-op is much easier to have a great experience – and that’s just what I have been having almost without fail in GRAW and R6 Vegas. And yes, Madden co-op was just awful. NHL was so-so, but still nothing like what we are getting these days with the tactical shooters.

Spencer says: I couldn’t agree more. I have been waiting for years for a game like Army of Two. When I played through Legend of Zelda Wind Waker a year ago my son sat by my side the entire time.  I would have loved being able to give him a control and letting him play at the same time. The closest thing to that kind of experience in recent years has been Gauntlet Legends.

— Breaking News —

April 13, 2007

Posted by Chris

We have just recieved breaking news on the new Madden for this fall.  Apparently, there will be big changes this year, and boy is this going to be great!  It seems as though they have decided to change – get this folks – the “07” to an “08”!!!  But that’s not all.  Early reports indicate that there will be updated rosters!  Praise the Lord!

I bring this up because I was pressed to pre-order Madden 08 today as I visited my local Gamestop.  The guy behind the desk said “I hear it’s supposed to be great this year”.  I thought, you were the same guy who told me the same thing last year.  Only, I’m not sure he was… but somebody at a game store sure as hell said it.  Every time I think about that God-forsaken franchise, I can’t help but remember how EA, Madden 0x, and the NFL killed the best football franchise since Tecmo bowl – 2K Sports NFL. 

This stuff carries a bit of weight for me, as the defining moment in my young videogame life was when the trackball painfully pinched that meaty part of my thumb/palm while playing Atari x & o football in a Pittsburgh arcade in the winter of 1980. From that moment forward, I was a video gamer.  Mattel handhelds, Intellivision NFL, and every system that followed was purchased more for me to play football on it than for any other reason.  Even the 3DO.  That’s $800 for a football game (a stupid $800).  So, as a serious football fan and video game fan, the whole Madden thing disgusts me.  And I’m not sure which is worse – the game, or the fans of the game.  Madden has brought about an entirely new breed of football fan.  These are the fans of the players.  These are the fans of the lifestyles.  They call their 1 bedroom apartment their “crib”.  They thought Terrell Owens got a raw deal in Philly, and the same for Keyshawn when he was in Tampa.  They own Michael Irvin jerseys. They can’t wait to see what the next crazy touchdown celebration is.  Madden Fan is worse than Raider Fan.  Far worse.  And I hate ’em.

EA most certainly deserves a crotch kick for that.

Medal Of Honor: Airborne video out

April 13, 2007

Posted by Chris

While I have really loved many of the WW2 shooters over the past few years, I’m just not sure we really need another one. It’s pretty much been done. It does have guns though, so it’s certainly going to be more worth playing than Barbie Horse Adventure ’08. I mean, there’s just no topping BHA ’07, right?

Anyway, the Medal of Honor video can be seen here.

Martin says:  I suppose something like blowing up Nazis just won’t get old. Now, if they’d just wear only blue and yell “Mein Leben!”

GRAW2 – Dandy tastin’

April 13, 2007

Posted by Chris:

I’m enjoying the hell out of GRAW2 so far. I have only gone through chapter one, and have yet to play multiplayer (which should be better than the single player), but it’s already feeling more like the Ghost Recons of the past – the pre-console versions. It still has a the scripted feel that we started seeing in GR2, but it’s on the right track. We’ll give it a full review (maybe even an audio review) after a bit more play. Can’t wait to get some co-op going…

Martin says:  In theory I agree with you. But playing through the single player, something just seems “muted” compared to the original GRAW. Sure, the controls are better, the weapons are better, and your teammates are better, but something is missing. I’m eager to get some online play in, though, as it seems as though this is where most of the development effort went towards in this game.